Ways to Get Free Raccoon Removal

Raccoon in the forest in the natural environment
Raccoon in the forest in the natural environment

Free raccoon removal is not a service provided by government animal control.

In the best case situation, the local animal control agency may point you in the direction of a free animal removal service and may even lend you a trap to set yourself. Once the raccoon is captured, they will return with the trap with the animal inside. Unfortunately, this leaves you with the task of cleaning the space the raccoon has taken up, looking for and manually removing any newborn raccoons, fixing any damage the raccoon has done, and locating and closing the raccoon’s entry ports. For problems involving domestic animals, you can still contact the city or county animal control authorities, but wildlife management has almost entirely been privatized.

Raccoon in a tree Free Raccoon Removal
Raccoon in a tree Free Raccoon Removal

Remove Raccoon on The Roof

Raccoons are skilled climbers, and while it might be unsettling to discover them on your roof, many people have had similar experiences. Raccoons can damage your roof’s shingles or other roofing materials, get into chimneys and vents [posing a risk of fire], and do other things when they spend time there. You can now look for free raccoon removal service.

Here are some clever methods used in free raccoon removal service;

  • Trim the plants and trees surrounding your house to reduce “bridges” that lead to your roof.
  • Take out any food sources like trash, compost, pet food, and birdseed that raccoons could be returning to.
  • Wrap your roof’s edge and the bases of the trees on your property with metal sheeting.
  • Raccoons will be discouraged by this without harming other animals, such as your outside cats.
  • If there are any fences that are near to your home or roof, add a strip of electric fencing on top of them. These are the places where you can find raccoons on your property.
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Free Raccoon Removal in Your Walls

Having a raccoon in the wall may soon turn into a stressful scenario. At all hours of the night, raccoons in the wall generate noise and can harm your insulation, wiring, and other things. Here are some suggestions for removing a raccoon off a wall:

  • Work with a reputable pest control. Free raccoon removal from the wall is a difficult task that can be dangerous for both you and the raccoons if you attempt to do it yourself.
  • After the raccoons have been removed from your wall (with free raccoon removal service) by a professional pest management company, you can work to locate the entry points and seal them to block future entry.
snow winter tower snowy colorful lighting Remove Raccoon the Bird Feeder

Remove Raccoon at the Bird Feeder

It sometimes seem impossible to find a technique to keep raccoons away from bird feeders. They are able to reach the majority of birdfeeders thanks to their size, strong climbing skills, and flexible hands. Fortunately, raccoons visiting your bird feeders may be eliminated.

What we suggest for free raccoon removal service is as follows:

  • Place the feeders as high as you can. Raccoons cannot scale such skinny poles, thus the Humane Society advises hanging bird feeders from supports with a diameter of no more than 1/2″. This is one of the best methods of free raccoon removal (humanely).
  • Feeders can be hung on wires that are strung between two trees. Ensure that the feeders are placed far enough from each tree to prevent raccoons from climbing up on them.
  • Attach raccoon guards for free raccoon removal from the shop to pole-mounted feeders.
  • Invest in raccoon-proof bird feeders.
Free Raccoon Removal The Chimney

Free Raccoon Removal in The Chimney

Due to their propensity for using extremely combustible bedding and nesting materials, raccoons in chimneys can pose a major fire danger. This is time for animal control (raccoon removal). Then what will deter raccoons? These recommendations can help you free raccoon removal;

  • To get the raccoons out of the chimney, use an expert. Smith’s, a reputable pest control service, can get rid of all the raccoons without harming your chimney or killing them.
  • After the raccoons have left, tidy the area they occupied. Take out any items the raccoon may have left in the chimney, including nesting materials.
  • Close up the chimney. Use a chimney cover or spark arrester with strong wire mesh. Raccoons cannot enter the chimney hole since it is covered.
Free Raccoon Removal Raccoon Control in Your Chicken Coop

Raccoon Control in Your Chicken Coop

Raccoons are ferocious chicken predators that will use whatever means necessary to get into a weak chicken coop. The following advice can help remove raccoons out of your chicken coop:

  • To protect the coop’s windows, use hardware cloth. It is strong enough to withstand raccoon assaults.
  • To prevent raccoons from damaging the coop, bury the hardware cloth 2-4 feet deep around its perimeter. If you can climb up to the coop, think about running the cloth over the chimney as well.
  • Put intricate locks and latches on the chicken coop doors so that raccoons cannot open them.
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