A Whole Guide for Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal Working
Raccoon Removal Working

Raccoons eat bird seed and pet food, delve and via your trash, ruin your lawn and garden, damage the raw materials in your home, and even spread diseases that could be harmful to you and your domestic animals. Fortunately, you won’t have to put up with raccoons forever that do damage. Our company specializes in offering raccoon removal attempt to control to owners of real estate properties in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. On this page, we offer our best advice for permanently and professionally raccoons removal.

How To Decide If You Need Raccoon Removal?

Raccoons are only active at night (being nocturnal). As a result, it may be challenging to identify their existence. So, you decide to remove raccoons that dwell in your home. But you should also pay attention to the signs that raccoons leave behind to determine whether you have a problem.

Below are some of the tips that you need to consider during the process of raccoon removal:

  • Raccoon feeding evidence: Racoons are untidy, voracious eaters that also leave a trail after meals. Knocked over garbage cans, harm to your grass or garden, empty, spilled, or shifted pet food bowls, disturbed composting piles, empty or broken bird feeders, among other things, are common indications that raccoons have been feeding. And now it is time to get rid of your new house mates by starting raccoons removal.
  • Marks: Possum and raccoon tracks resemble one another. Raccoons have claws on every toe and walk on flat feet like humans. Raccoon tracks differ from deer tracks in that they move in a diagonal fashion. Their tracks are typically 2-3″ broad on the front feet and 3-4″ long on the back feet, with a longer heel on the back foot.
  • Excrement: Raccoon excretions have rounded or broken ends and are cylindrical in shape. Although the color varies according on the animal’s food, they often have dark hues. Berry seeds are frequently seen in the scat, which may also show traces of garbage.
  • Unusual noises: During the night, you could hear odd noises coming from your property. Meowing, whistling, and growling are among the noises made by racoons.

No matter what raccoon warning signs you see, it’s imperative to act quickly for raccoon removal. Raccoons may do significant damage, and putting off solving the issue will only make the infestation worse. There is no time to lose when it comes to remove raccoons.

9 Methods for Raccoon Removal In 2022

Looking for a humane way to remove raccoons off your property? So are 9 DIY raccoons removal methods that are compassionate.

  1. Include a sprinkler that detects motion. Consider installing a motion-activated sprinkler if you have raccoons in your yard or garden. The raccoons will be sprayed with cold water by the sprinkler when it detects them lurking nearby. So you will have your friendly raccoons removal method.
  2. Make use of ultrasonic deterrent tools. There is also method for raccoons removal with the help of ultrasound deterrent equipment without suffering any damage. These discreet, small, and inexpensive gadgets drive away raccoons using sound (or a mix of sound and light). Others produce frequencies that can only be heard by raccoons, while some emit predator hunting noises.
  3. Discreet garbage bins. Raccoons find trash to be the perfect source of food. Make sure the garbage can is closed. If you store your garbage can outside, be sure it is a sturdy container with a lid that clips shut securely. If feasible, place your garbage cans in an enclosed outside shed or garage. This is the easiest and the friendliest method to remove raccoons.
  4. Use raccoon-repellent trash bags to contain your garbage. In order for raccoon removal, invest in some rodent-repelling trash bags if, despite your best attempts, raccoons are still finding their way into your trash. Raccoons are repelled by these bags because they contain strong-smelling essential oils like camphor and mint. Without endangering the raccoons, your children, or your pets, the fragrance will deter them from your garbage cans.
  5. Create a homemade raccoon deterrent. Due to their extremely acute senses, raccoons are quickly scared off by some odors, such as pepper. Mix a bottle of spicy sauce, a few drops of liquid dish soap, and a gallon of water together (or an entire spice jar of powdered cayenne pepper). Anywhere you’ve seen raccoon activity, spray the mixture. This is the another tip for raccoon removal.
  6. Apply ammonia. A typical home cleaner called ammonia is also helpful for racoon removal. It resembles the unpleasant smell of urine that raccoons find so repulsive. If you’ve seen raccoon activity, soak some rags in ammonia and place them there. Alternatively, you may just place a dish of ammonia next to the raccoons’ access points into your property.
  7. Don’t feed the birds and pets. Every night indoors should be brought any pet or bird food that was left outside. Otherwise, you will make hard your job of raccoon removal.
  8. Protect places of great interest with fencing. Raccoons are imaginative, inquisitive animals who search for food in a variety of places, including gardens, fish ponds, and compost piles. Install electrified fences it around perimeter of these locations to keep raccoons away. We advise building a fence with two wires, one placed six inches high and the other twelve inches above it. With no negative effects on the animals, this will stop raccoon damage and remove raccoons.
  9. Never give raccoons food. Although racoons might have a charming appearance and pass for beggars, you should never leave food out for them. Even feeding one raccoon will eventually draw in more of them. You can achieve raccoons removal by just stopping feeding them.
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