Current Raccoon Removal Cost [IN 2024]

Raccoon Removal Cost
Raccoon Removal Cost Price List 2024

Raccoons are nightlife animals that might have high raccoon removal cost, easily found by the mask on their faces and striped tails.

Raccoon removal cost can vary and paying it is very important since raccoons typically inhabit chimneys and attics, especially when a female is getting ready to give birth. They avoid the cold by choosing enclosed, warm, and dry places like those found in most homes. You could also encounter raccoons on your porch or in nearby structures, depending on food availability and access. Raccoon removal should be handled by a specialist since these pests may spread disease and create a huge mess.

Raccoon removal price varies according on the area, the amount of pests, and the removal technique. The nationwide average cost for raccoon removal price is $300–600; the majority of households spend $450 to install traps and move 2–3 raccoons physically. Without cleaning or maintenance, raccoon removal cost is $150 to set up a trap for a single raccoon. The high raccoon removal cost is $1,500 to capture and relocate a raccoon family, including the mother and young, as well as help with attic structural repairs.

Different factors can affect raccoon removal price.

Raccoon Removal Cost

Different factors can affect raccoon removal price. Below, you can find the list in the table which demonstrates the raccoon removal cost raccoon removal cost at different categories.

Raccoon Removal Price
National average cost$450
Average range$300-$600

Raccoon Removal Cost According to Various Methods

Raccoon removal methods vary depending on the situation and raccoon removal cost is from $75 and $700 per raccoon. To locate the infestation and figure out how many raccoons are there, a pest professional must inspect your property. The examination and any suggested solutions are often included in the overall cost of raccoon eradication. Raccoon removal price for follow-up appointments range from $100 to $200. If you detect indications that the raccoon has returned, such as damage to your yard or attic, you should typically schedule a follow-up session. The three most popular methods employed by experts for raccoon removal are as follows.

Raccoon Removal Control TechniqueRaccoon Removal Cost for A One-Time Visit
Raccoon Removal Traps$50 – $150
Relocation$100 – $250
Manual Raccoon Removal$300 – $700

Raccoon Removal Traps

Raccoon removal price for trapping often costs $80 to $150 each raccoon and trap. Devices called raccoon traps are positioned around your house or yard. Traps are set once the nest is discovered. When the raccoon enters the trap, a device shuts the door behind it to keep it inside until the pest control specialist comes back.

Raccoon Removal [Relocation]

The raccoon removal cost for relocating ranges from $100 to $200. The most compassionate method of removing raccoons from your property is raccoon relocation. Once the animal has been captured, personnel must come back to your property to remove the raccoon to a designated area. For them to be prevented from coming back to your yard, they must be moved at least 10 miles away. To guarantee that they can continue survive, they must be at an authorized location.

Manual Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal cost by hand is between $300 and $700 per animal. If hand raccoon removal is required, the price may increase. Never attempt to remove these pests by hand as a do-it-yourself project. When provoked, they frequently attack, and trying to get rid of them puts you in danger. But raccoon pest control professionals often exclusively employ physical elimination for raccoon nests. Before attempting to catch the mother, the technician manually removes the young raccoons as they are unlikely to leave the nest for a baited trap.

Raccoon Removal Cost

Raccoon Removal Prices by Amount of Problem [Infestation]

Raccoon removal cost is influenced by how many raccoons need to be removed from a property. For instance, most pest control specialists charge one rate for handling a single raccoon and a another fee for getting rid of a nest. A big infestation may be 2 to 5 raccoons, whereas a tiny infestation is 1 raccoon. A big infestation is defined as one that includes a raccoon nest. Prices often increase as infestation size increases. This is due to the fact that removing raccoons requires more effort and resources. It is quicker and simpler to capture one raccoon than to get rid of a bunch of them from the house, so of course its raccoon removal price changes as well.

The Need for Raccoon Removal Due to the Damage It May Cause

Raccoons weigh 25 to 30 pounds on average, and if they’re motivated, they may enter your home with ease. They can enter through roof vents, broken roof edges, chimneys, and roof soffit intersections. The huge animals may readily crush and compress insulation once they’re inside. They move it again to build nests. Additionally, raccoons harm ventilation and electrical systems, which can result in water damage and even fire. Therefore, it is the must to do raccoon removal, regardless of the raccoon removal cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is raccoon removal so expensive?

Raccoon removal can be expensive because it requires specialized equipment and expertise to safely and effectively remove the animals. In addition, some companies may charge additional fees for repairs and cleanup of the affected area.

What factors can affect the cost of raccoon removal?

The cost of raccoon removal can vary depending on several factors, including the location of the infestation, the severity of the problem, and the method used for removal.

Can I remove raccoons myself to save money?

Attempting to remove raccoons yourself can be dangerous and may result in injury to yourself or the animal. In addition, some states have laws prohibiting the relocation of raccoons, so it’s important to check with local authorities before attempting to remove them.

How can I find a reputable raccoon removal company?

To find a reputable raccoon removal company, ask for referrals from friends or family, check online reviews, and make sure the company is licensed and insured. It’s also a good idea to get multiple estimates to compare pricing and services offered.

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