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Cute little raccoon pulls its paw out of the cage.
Cute little raccoon pulls its paw out of the cage.

Raccoon removal near me, Raccoons naturally build dens in places like hollow trees, earth burrows, and muskrat homes, but as habitat is lost, attics, crawlspaces, and chimneys are starting to appear more often. The eradication of raccoons can be challenging for a property owner since these cunning animals are good climbers and creative problem solvers. But when they start to enter your house on a daily basis, then you should plan to remove them by looking for raccoon removal near me!

Methods of Removing Raccoons in a Natural Way

We generally support humane removal techniques over lethal ones when it comes to raccoon removal. Here are some methods you may take to control the raccoon number on your property if you have a raccoon problem:

Raccoons in the attic

A raccoon in your attic is often a mother with young. Sometimes you can even need raccoon trapper. In search of a safe environment, females will take up facia boards, vents, and other materials. But they can still cause a raccoon damage. To get rid of a raccoon in the attic, follow these steps:

  • Existence of baby racoon: Find out whether the raccoons are a mother with young before taking any action to remove them. If so, let the raccoons remain there for a few weeks so the young can develop. If not, they will pass away without their mother. Installing one-way doors can help you get the raccoons out of your attic next. They won’t be allowed to enter again after they depart. Put a loud battery-operated radio in the attic or pour a dish of cider vinegar close to where they are nesting to entice them to leave. As an alternative, you might work with a companys that has pest control to solve the issue. The mother and her young will be moved in a considerate manner, and we’ll make sure that none of them will get harmed. In order to prevent any injury to the raccoons, we will humanely transfer the mother and her young.
  • Trapping and removal: To capture and eliminate all raccoons currently present, set live raccoon traps. If you want to do this, get in touch with your neighborhood’s Fish and Wildlife Department first. They’ll be able to give you traps and assist you in properly relocating the raccoons.
  • Sealed attics: Your attic should be completely sealed, including vents. You must determine how the raccoons got into the attic if you have one.
  • Entry points: Find the raccoons’ entryway by meticulously inspecting the home. These entry locations should be sealed with a galvanized hardwire wire mesh.
  • Sources of pet food: Eliminate all sources of possible raccoon food, water, and bedding.
Racoons under the deck

Racoons under the deck

Once more, a mother raccoon with young is typically seen residing beneath a home or deck. What is more, they are excellent climbers. Raccoon females typically give birth between January and June, thus it is important to remove the raccoons without leaving the young orphaned. Here are some things you can do before you call for raccoon removal near me:

  • After the mother raccoon and her young have been removed, clean out the nest area beneath the house or deck using live traps. Take out all the bedding.
  • Seal all entry points once the area has been cleaned.
  • Use “humane harassment” to stop raccoons from returning. Because they are hidden, quiet, and secure, raccoons adore the areas below houses and decks.
  • It is less probable that raccoons will return to these areas if floodlights are used to illuminate the area and scent-based deterrents are placed (or homemade alternatives, such as vinegar, soiled cat litter, or ammonia).
A raccoon in a cage at the zoo in summer looks through the bars.Raccoon in the natural Park of Askos.Greece.
A raccoon in a cage at the zoo in summer looks through the bars. Raccoon in the Natural Park of Askos. Location: Greece.

Raccoons in garden

Raccoons usually live on lawns and gardens since they are in search of pet food. For instance, raccoons searching for grubs would destroy landscaping, flowers, and grass in order to reach their preferred food sources. So when they are in the garden then the situation becomes serious and it’s time for calling raccoon removal near me. Your lawn, flowers, and bushes might all suffer damage swiftly costing thousands of dollars.

We advise the following to get rid of raccoons in your yard or garden:

  • Make a financial commitment to a particular therapy. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pest Management will treat your lawn and garden to remove grubs and other raccoon food sources, causing raccoons to seek out other food sources (and stop tearing up your grass). The best course of action is to sign up for an annual lawn grub treatment program, which prevents grubs from returning each summer and keeps raccoons off your property. To find out more about this service, search for raccoon removal near me and you will find the correct racoon trapper around you.
  • Use natural cures like blood meal, ammonia, vinegar, crushed garlic, powdered cayenne pepper, or soiled kitty litter. To make the environment less enticing to raccoons, scatter the natural deterrent in high-traffic areas.
  • Use sound or light deterrents that are activated by motion. Raccoons are deterred from your lawn and garden by deterrents that detect movement and make loud sounds or flashes of brilliant light when they are activated.

Who to call to remove wild raccoon animals?

It’s in every case best to call an expert natural life evacuation organization on the off chance that you suspect you have creatures in your home. Proficient organizations are authorized, guaranteed, and ought to offer at least one year guarantee.

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